I was fairly busy last week and would usually have written Friday’s update by Wednesday or Thursday, but hadn’t. By the time it came to post it Friday morning, I still hadn’t written anything and was feeling a little burnt out and apathetic about this project.

Then I had to work, which is twelve hours of fairly physical work followed by twelve hours of sleep and twelve more hours in the factory – so nothing productive happens from noon Friday until at least noon on Sunday. Upon arrival at work, the first thing I’m told is that the 2nd shift guy smashes his foot with a two thousand pound coil of lead strip and he’s out for at least this week which added another three days of work to my regular schedule. To top it all off, my girlfriend has been sick and I thought I was in the clear, but got hit with it all at once this morning before I left work.

So TL;DR – Life happened, regularly scheduled updates will resume by no later than Tuesday the 25th and before then depending on how everything looks.


So what'cha think?

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