Datura was wracked with laugher – she’d doubled over in her cackle and was barely able to keep herself standing she was so elated with her little joke. She’d done this before, but usually it played out differently. Most people just went for it and then she had fun watching everything fall apart afterwards when the marriages inevitably dissolved and charges were brought forward. She hadn’t expected Stein to be so hilariously virtuous. He’d practically injured himself to put distance between him and Princess Spoiled Bitch. She tugged on the little hooks she’d gotten into Eluria and made her dance some more.

“But, Travis – don’t you want me? Am I not good enough?” Eluria whined at him. Usually, this was more forced, but Datura was thrilled to have Eluria’s own little girl crush on the good doctor and insecurities about her own self worth to play off of. It made it all too easy. Dance little bitch, dance.

Eluria spilled herself across the couch and came to rest in what she believed to be the sexiest position she could manage – on her stomach, face propped up on her elbows and knees cocked above her butt, hiding everything, but promising it all.

“You can do whatever you want…” She purred to him. It was like a movie or a dream. Eluria could see herself moving and talking, but she couldn’t seem to stop it. She did like Travis, but he was so much older than she was and she didn’t know anything about sex! She didn’t understand what was happening, but the train was rocketing forward at full speed with or without her consent.

Datura had to quickly jump out of the way as Travis scrambled through the airlock, almost knocking her off her feet and alerting himself to her alien presence – that would have made for a very dangerous encounter. Interesting, she was sure, but dangerous all the same.

Once Dr. Stein was out of the dormitory, Datura released her hold on Eluria, who began to cry almost instantaneously. In her sadness and confusion, she wouldn’t put clothes on for several minutes. And she didn’t see Dr. Stein for the rest of the day.

Datura sat cross legged in the corner, out of the way and soaking in the anguish she’d caused.

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Author’s Note: Still working too much, and the chaos of the holidays – I feel like I’m a few weeks behind on the update schedule. I’m going to try to crank some more of these out, get to a good stopping point and let this sit on the back burner for a while until I can come back to it with fresh eyes and hopefully begin the revisions to help it reach the potential I’ve been told it has.


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