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The Comatose Girl is an ongoing web serial that updates Tuesday’s and Friday’s where possible and generally in the early morning. While there are plans to eventually turn this work into a more polished version and publish it as an ebook, for now it remains a rough work, completely free and only available here.

The Comatose Girl follows the story of the “Girl” in question, Daisy and her caretaker Doctor Travis Stein. Daisy is fifteen years old and has spent much of her life being housed in a secret underground government research facility, completely unresponsive to the outside world, except for the occasional walk to her bathroom, and spends all day every day rocking gentle with her hands clasped around her knees in the center of her room. Her caretaker, Doctor Travis Stein, obviously has a very easy job, but that’s all about to change the day Daisy wakes up to tell him something important.

I don’t know what I’d rate the content as, but there’s frequent swearing and graphic violence, so use your best judgement.


Generally Hostile